Hard Money Loans - The Facts And Figures


Hard Money loans, the facts and figures. Investing in real estate can quickly pay major dividends. Commercial hard money loans offer distinct advantages over traditional loans for real estate investments. It is important to understand hard money loans.

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Reasons to Choose Hard Money Lending Programs


There are drawbacks with working with a bank if you are pressed for time or if you do not fit nicely into their lending guidelines. In these situations, commercial hard money lenders can provide the needed financing to close on time-sensitive real estate purchases and provide funds on deals other lenders turn down.

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Hard Money Lenders: Healing a Damaged Market


While the real estate crash that started in the mid 2000?s might seem like ancient history now, it still has ripple effects on the market. In some parts of the country, investors can still buy properties at deeply discounted prices as a result of it. Unfortunately, many of those investors are also locked out of the market because their credit or their finances were harmed by the downturn. Today, the hard money community is providing the necessary liquidity to keep these investors in the market and fuel the real estate recovery.

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Commercial Hard Money Loan Interest Rates


For anyone getting a commercial loan, looking for the lowest interest rate is an understandable pursuit. However, different circumstances and property types will affect the interest rate a borrower can get. Here is a how you can understand your options and reasons behind Commercial Hard Money loan interest rates.

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Riverdale Funding’s Latest Hard Money Loan in Virginia


Riverdale Funding provides hard money loans to investors across the U.S. whom used real estate to secure the loan approval. We have helped investors get necessary funding for various commercial investment properties, and also have provided hard money loans to borrowers in need of foreclosures bailouts and non-bankable transactions.

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Our Recent Hard Money Loans


For those looking to make commercial investments, hard money loans offer a fast and straightforward way to secure the money needed. Unlike traditional loans, which require considerable review and time, a Riverdale commercial hard money loan is based off of the value of a commercial property. Here are some recent commercial loan closing.

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How Hard Money Loans Can Improve Your Credit


The first thing that a person needs to know about hard money loans is that their criteria do not focus on the credit histories of the borrowers. This means that although these loans include some major drawbacks, such as high interest rates and low loan-to-value ratios, they are great options for the people with bad credit histories. If a person is able to pay off the loan by the due date, he or she can definitely use it in order to improve his or her credit score. The following lines show how commercial hard money lenders can help debtors improve their credit histories.

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How to Refinance with a Hard Money Loan in New York


If you’re looking to refinance your property in New York, hard money loans could help you get some short term breathing room to sell your property or build up enough credit for a long-term financing solution. However, obtaining a refinance can be a tough job. Below are a few ways to make sure you your property refinance goes smoothly when you make use of a hard money loan:

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Obtaining a Commercial Hard Money Loan after the Real Estate Market Crash


Having seen the bottom of the market, individuals and corporations making hard money loans have gained confidence. For example, Riverdale Funding has doubled its hard money lending limit from $2.5 million to $5 Million+. Additionally, it is great time for private investors and corporations to begin obtaining property, and they can take advantage of hard money loans to finance their projects.

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Riverdale Funding’s Latest Hard Money Loan in Georgia


In helping prospective borrowers get insight of the hard money lending process, we like to highlight some of our recent loans.

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