How does the Broker’s Price Opinion (BPO) Work?


Valuation is key to commercial real estate investing, but is getting an appraisal the only option? We explore one great alternative: the Broker’s Price Opinion.

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Real Estate Investing 101: Do Commercial Hard Money Loans Really Work?


Thinking about getting into commercial real estate investing? Our crash course on hard money loans will give you all the basics to get started confidently.

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How Do Commercial Loan Origination Fees Work?


Are you about to dive into the commercial real estate lending process? Understanding commercial loan origination fees is a crucial step. We equip mortgage brokers with tips and tools to better assist their clients to success.

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How Do Commercial Loan Discount Points Work?


Real estate brokers need look no further. We're here to explain the commercial loan mystery of “points,” why they exist, and how to leverage them in the commercial real estate investing field.

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The Basics of Commercial Loan Syndication


What is loan syndication? In this edition of our Broker Talk series, we tackle this question, offering brokers all the basics to stand out to their clients on this out-of-the-ordinary lending process.

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2017 Commercial Interest Rate Forecast


Donald Trump’s November victory has already had rippling effects on the economy.  Economists and experts are readying themselves for an unprecedentedly uncertain 2017, and if the news cycle is any indication, things will remain unpredictable beyond President-elect Trump’s January 20th inauguration. With that in mind, we’ve outlined some factors and scenarios that may impact U.S. interest rates, and therefore, those looking into commercial real estate investing in 2017 and beyond.

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Six Situations To Use Hard Money Loan


When you are a real estate owner or investor - the ownership, purchase and/or upkeep of a property requires capital. Ideally, a borrower might work with a conventional lender and receive a low interest rate loan with attractive financing terms. However, because of circumstances, access to needed money may not be available.

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Three Important Facts You Need To Know About Commercial Loans


People leave their homes every day and go into commercial buildings for work, to go shopping, watch a movie, eat out, get to appointments, and generally take care of all of life's activities. Yet, most people know very little about what commercial real estate loans are and how they work.

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Real Estate Consensus Predicts Slower Growth in 2017


Despite the optimism apparent in the stock market since the election, participants surveyed in September for the ULI Real Estate Consensus Forecast were mildly pessimistic. After six years of expansion, industry professionals are predicting that the commercial real estate sector’s growth will slow with pullbacks predicted in a variety of indicators for 2017.

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Top 9 Things to Look out for Before Signing Loan Documents


Commercial mortgage agreements have clauses and loan covenants that could have long-term consequences for the unsuspecting borrower. Below are the top 9 things in commercial loan documents that deserve your attention.

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