Commercial Real Estate Market Report & Outlook: Q1 2017


If you’re like us, you know the importance of staying current with the commercial real estate market. We’ve compiled the must-know information from Q1 in 2017.

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Commercial Bridge Loans From Point A to Point B


Riverdale Funding, LLC specializes in providing private money financing to commercial real estate and select non-owner occupied residential investment property owners who are looking to get from Point A to Point B. Whether you need to close fast, want to prevent a foreclosure of your commercial property, or need time to stabilize your investment property, Riverdale Funding can help.

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Understanding Reserve Levels with Commercial Underwriting | Riverdale


Are you curious about the commercial underwriting process? We provide an overview of reserve levels to help you find commercial real estate investing success.

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Are Commercial Bridge Loans Worth the Risk?


Is a commercial bridge loan the right choice for you? It depends. We offer insight into which considerations you need to make before pursuing a commercial loan.

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The Top 8 Reasons to Get a Commercial Hard Money Loan


When is a commercial hard money loan appropriate to use? When banks and conventional lenders can't get you funded, private money lending may be the answer. Here are the Top 8 Reasons commercial real estate borrowers and mortgage brokers use hard money loans.

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How does the Broker’s Price Opinion (BPO) Work?


Valuation is key to commercial real estate investing, but is getting an appraisal the only option? We explore one great alternative: the Broker’s Price Opinion.

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Real Estate Investing 101: Do Commercial Hard Money Loans Really Work?


Thinking about getting into commercial real estate investing? Our crash course on hard money loans will give you all the basics to get started confidently.

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How Do Commercial Loan Origination Fees Work?


Are you about to dive into the commercial real estate lending process? Understanding commercial loan origination fees is a crucial step. We equip mortgage brokers with tips and tools to better assist their clients to success.

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How Do Commercial Loan Discount Points Work?


Real estate brokers need look no further. We're here to explain the commercial loan mystery of “points,” why they exist, and how to leverage them in the commercial real estate investing field.

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The Basics of Commercial Loan Syndication


What is loan syndication? In this edition of our Broker Talk series, we tackle this question, offering brokers all the basics to stand out to their clients on this out-of-the-ordinary lending process.

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