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When To Use Commercial Bridge Loans

Oct 05, 2016


Have you ever been in a situation where you need quick cash to close a real estate deal? This is where interim financing enters the equation. While traditional commercial banks can’t guarantee fast financing solutions, private lenders, especially bridge loan lenders can. Commercial bridge loans are meant to provide short-term financing for individual, or business owner, looking for an interim solution before their conventional loan gets approved, which can be a protracted process (credit score check, financials, etc.).


All You Need To Know About Commercial Bridge Loans

Commercial bridge loans are intended to be short-term, up to one year. While this makes for quick application and approval, it can also entail a higher interest rate. These types of loans are usually paid back for when the borrower secures a traditional and long-term loan or sells their existing property.

Conversely to any type of traditional mortgage lending, commercial bridge loans are backed by non-financial assets. If you plan on getting a bridge loan to close on a potential real estate investment deal, the property in question acts as collateral for the loan, with loan-to-value ratios generally up to 65%.


In Which Situations Can You Use Commercial Bridge Loans?


Real Estate Investment

You can apply for this loan if you have a commercial property you want to sell and it is delaying and you have your eyes on another property. In this case, bridge loan lenders give you capital that you can use to secure a new project while waiting for the cash to come through while you sell your old one.


Real Estate Development

If you have an important construction that you are working on and you need cash to meet important deadlines, you can approach bridge loan lenders for assistance. Rather than putting your projects to a stop, you can apply for an emergency bridge loan so that you can avoid interruption and delay of the project.


Continuity Of Real Estate Business

Any business venture can be put at risk when the business partner decides to walk off to pursue other interests. In such a case, you can use current real estate assets to apply for a commercial bridge loan to secure the current purchase or refinance before finding a long-term solution.


Why Should You Consider A Bridge Loan For Your Commercial Real Estate Loans?


Invest In Other Commercial Properties

You can leverage the short-term financing benefits of your commercial bridge loan to invest in another property, which gives you additional flexibility in a fast-paced market.
Therefore, commercial bridge loans enable you to do business as usual without compromising your long-term ROI.


Want To Apply For A Commercial Bridge Loan Today?

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