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When Can Real Estate Investors Apply for a Hard Money Loan?

Oct 09, 2015


A commercial hard money loan is a valuable financing option if you are a commercial real estate investor looking for a short-term loan to quickly fund a property purchase or if you are a commercial real estate owner who needs to refinance a commercial property but does not fit within conventional lender guidelines.

The question is: “When should you consider applying for a commercial hard money loan?”

At Riverdale Funding, the answer is, "when you are ready, we will be ready to help you get funded quickly".


Do You Need a Quick Loan Closing?

Apply for a commercial hard money loan with Riverdale Funding is fast and easy because of our streamlined loan process.  We do not require financial statements to be provided, and we accept all credit scores.  If you have identified a commercial real estate property which you are looking to purchase, our quck funding loans can provide you with the edge you need to attract a seller's attention and solidify the contract to purchase.  Just give us a call, provide us with your purchase scenario, and we can provide you with a loan approval within in days.  


Do You Have a Poor Credit Standing?

You might be wondering whether a bankruptcy, foreclosure or late payments will affect Riverdale Funding's decision to lend – well it doesn’t. 

As mentioned, a borrower's credit score is not a determining factor in deciding if we will provide financing against a commercial real estate property. Riverdale Funding provides asset-based financing, which means we base our decision to lend and how much we lend on the value of the property.


Are You Looking for Flexible Terms?

If you are looking for a flexible loan structure, then applying for a Riverdale commercial hard money loan is the solution. We offer flexible repayment terms and draw schedules, cash out refinances, and interest only payments. 


What Should You Expect From Riverdale Funding, the Specialist of Commercial Hard Money Lending?

You can expect to receive execellent customer service and a reliable borrowing experience.  As a preferred commercial hard money lender througout most of the United States, we treat each deal with importance and review each loan file with a common-sense underwriting approach. 


Apply Today for a Commercial Hard Money Loan!

Call us today at 888-368-4983 to understand more about hard money loans, and find out your suitability for funding. And if you’re more than ready, then submit your hard money loan application!