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Commercial Bridge Loans From Point A to Point B

Apr 10, 2017



Riverdale Funding offers the Quickest way for Commercial Loan Borrowers to get from Point A to Point B


Riverdale Funding, LLC provides private money financing for commercial real estate and select non-owner occupied residential investment properties.  We specialize in being able to fund hard-to-place commercial loan requests that other lenders cannot do as well as quickly financing time-sensitive commercial loans.

Bridge loans, or short term financing solution designed to get investors, brokers and developers from Point A to Point B. Riverdale Funding is a direct lender that offers various commercial bridge loan programs that are ideal for multiple commercial real estate scenarios.


Commercial Loans without the Hassle

Riverdale Funding does not require borrowers to provide financials and all credit scores are accepted, so our loan processes are quick and efficient. Receiving a short term bridge loan from Riverdale Funding allows the borrower time to seek out a conventional lender to refinance once the bridge loan term ends.

A bridge loan from Riverdale Funding can be utilized by those borrowers facing a foreclosure situation. Rather than lose their property, a quick refinance can help the borrower gain breathing room and avoid foreclosure. Riverdale Funding also offers cash-out refinance options to borrowers who need to quickly take care of property taxes and avoid liens on their commercial property.

Most conventional lenders wouldn’t consider refinancing a commercial property that isn’t stabilized, but Riverdale Funding will secure on properties outside conventional guidelines. A bridge loan from Riverdale allows time for seasoning of the property to qualify for a conventional commercial loan.


No Docs Requested and All Credit Accepted Commercial Lender

With Riverdale Funding, credit is never an issue.  Our decision to lend on an investment property is primarily determined by the value of the property offered as security and not on a borrower's credit score or financial statements.  Even if you have late payments on your credit report, tax liens, bankruptcy, charge-offs, and delinquency notices, you may still be a good candidate for a Riverdale Funding hard money loan.

If you are an investor, developer or a mortgage broker looking for commercial financing and fit into any of the scenarios above, give Riverdale Funding a call. We are ready to assist you with all your commercial bridge loan needs.