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Scotsman Guide - Venture Off The Traditional Path Of Lending

Oct 05, 2016


A new article by Riverdale Funding Vice President Joe Hughis has been published in this month’s issue of Scotsman Guide. Here is an excerpt from Venture Safely off the Traditional Path of Lending:

“Your clients might not always qualify for a traditional commercial mortgage. Perhaps their credit is less than perfect. Maybe their job history had a few bumps. Or perhaps their finances aren’t totally in order. Whatever the reason, traditional lenders have turned down your client.

As a broker, that spells a dead end for your business, right? Not necessarily. Although banks continue to keep a vice grip on their proverbial purse strings, alternative-financing solutions like hard-money loans have gained new prominence.”

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Joseph Hughis is Vice President of Riverdale Funding LLC, a commercial hard-money lender. As a privately funded hard-money lender, Riverdale Funding provides loans from $100,000 to $5 million and funds from its own portfolio, thereby significantly reducing red tape and overall closing period. For additional information or consultation call (800) 880-2957.