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Riverdale Understands the Need for Speed

Jan 01, 2016


When opportunity knocks, there are only two possible answers. You can avoid answering the door or you can move heaven and earth to get the cash together in order to take advantage of the deal of a lifetime. One of the fastest ways to raise funds is to use one of the industry’s premier direct business lenders.



Commercial Hard Money Loans for Businesses

These agencies offers business loans with no credit check or financial statements required. By cutting out the lag time typically encountered in loan transactions requiring a lot of verification, the proceeds of the loan can be made available in very short order. This rapid processing allows the borrower to quickly capitalize on often fleeting opportunities even if they have not built up a super solid credit rating as of yet.


A Minimum of Paperwork

Likewise, there is no agonizing over a formal business plan such as is insisted upon by other loan sources. The only thing that matters is that a business needs to have its own premises to offer as a quick assurance of collateral. Since these business loans with no credit check are not made except when there is a pressing need for large sums of cash, some security is naturally expected—especially when the borrower can be in need of sums that run into seven figures.


When Time is of the Essence

It is often that element of time constraint that leads businesses away from their usual sources of capital even if they have extremely solid credit reports on the books. Good deals are virtually always time sensitive and many firms have used direct business lenders to obtain instant financing and then gone back to their own bank for long-term financing afterwards. The need is always for speed and traditional money sources take too long to run things past their oversight committees.


Finding the Right Lender

Acquiring business loans with no credit check is not as hard as one might imagine. Among the many direct business lenders which have elected to specialize in these types of fast financing arrangements, the business loan professionals at Riverdale Funding are among the most knowledgeable and fast moving companies in the entire industry. Their skilled and knowledgeable professionals can show any business how to get rapid access to the funding they need with the least amount of delay or annoyance.


Want to Apply for a Commercial Hard Money Loan Today?

As a private commercial hard money lender, Riverdale Funding, LLC can help you achieve a commercial real-estate investment or have the funds to refinance. We don’t require personal financial documents and don’t base your approval on your credit history. We have programs for all borrowers no matter what the credit. Because we are a direct lender, we have flexible lending guidelines lending our own money, $250K up to $5 Million, shortening the turnaround time for you to receive your loan. All you need to get started is to fill out a summary form and return with interior and exterior photos of the property. Talk to one of our advisors at 888-368-4983 or submit your commercial hard money loan application today!