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Riverdale Funding’s Latest Hard Money Loan in Georgia

Feb 11, 2016


Helping Borrowers in Georgia – One Of Our Most Recent Hard Money Loans

Riverdale Funding helps commercial real estate investors and mortgage brokers in the State of Georgia and across the United States secure hard money loans to help them achieve their commercial real estate and investment goals. Investors come to us with all sorts of various funding needs, including a wide range of commercial investment opportunities. Recently, our loan experts at Riverdale Funding were able to help an investor in Georgia by lending him $850,000, based solely off the value of the real estate property.


Making Use Of A Hard Money Loan In Georgia

In helping prospective borrowers get insight of the hard money lending process, we like to highlight some of our recent loans. One of our latest commercial hard money loans in Georgia, helped a borrower attain $850,000. With this funding, he successfully bought out his partner’s stake in the property. Additionally, this funding helped the borrower by freeing up some working capital to help increase revenue. Like all of our hard money loans, the value assessment of the property at hand was what helped secure the loan.

In this case, a broker helped facilitate this deal between Rivderdale Funding and the borrower. The broker sought out the loan experts at Riverdale Funding to properly evaluate the loan application. In doing so, Riverdale Funding was able to help fund the loan; this helped both the borrower and the broker.


Looking For Hard Money Lenders In Atlanta? Savannah? Elsewhere In Georgia?

Every investor had different capital needs; those in need of quick, reliable funding should look to Riverdale Funding for a hard money loan. While your financial needs may differ than those of the borrower mentioned above, our loan experts well help determine what’s best and work with you to secure the desired funding. If you are looking for a hard money loan in GA, our experienced team here at Riverdale Funding can quickly assess your loan requirements and provide unique loan terms that are in your best interest. To get started today, simply fill out an online application or call 888-368-4983 to speak with one of our loan experts.