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Our Recent Hard Money Loans

Jun 13, 2016


For those looking to make commercial investments, commercial hard money loans offer a fast and straightforward way to secure the money needed. Unlike traditional loans, which require considerable review and time, a commercial hard money loan is based off of the value of a particular property. This helps the money come through faster, giving the investor the tools they need to make purchases and secure upgrades.

At Riverdale Funding, we are dedicated to providing customers with the hard money loans they need. We are a leading commercial hard money lender whose management has over 35 years experience in the real estate and mortgage business and we have the expertise necessary to help clients get the funding they need efficiently. We enjoy watching our funds make differences in the real estate markets around the country, and believe that seeing just a few ways how this money helps people, can help inspire new potential investors to secure their own loans.

Where Riverdale Funding Lends.


Commercial Hard Money Loans in Washington, D.C.

Commercial hard money loans in Washington D.C. can be particularly useful because the nation’s capital offers many opportunities for investors. Riverdale Funding recently made a loan for a Washington, DC commercial property in the amount of $2,600,000. This loan will help developers improve local housing options, which will benefit both the investor and the local residents.


Commecial Hard Money Loans in Connecticut

Well valued investment properties in CT make commercial hard money loans in Connecticut a popular option as well. A recent loan of $1,530,,000 will help the investors in Manchester generate their own profit and make sound investments in the area. A similar investment property loan in New Haven for $255,000 also shows great promise, and the planned development and changes would not be possible without a commercial hard money loan.


Commercial Hard Money Loans in Pennsylvania

Riverdale Funding has also been proud in recent years to help investors in Canadensis, Pennsylvania.  Commercial hard money loans in PA have given these buyers the money they need to secure their commercial properties and make the upgrades and changes they seek. One recent loan was in the amount of $1,200,000. This money will give the investors the ample funds needed to develop the mixed use property into something that benefits the future owners as well as the investors.


If You Need a Commercial Hard Money Loan

At Riverdale Funding, we work with clients from all over the country, offering funding from Florida to Ohio to Kentucky. The loans range from a two hundred and fifty thousand to five million, depending upon the need. Clients can trust us to provide the funds required efficiently so that they can make progress within their own cities. Those interested in learning more about Riverdale Funding’s hard money loans should reach out and speak with us today. Call us at 888-368-4983 or apply online.