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Is Asset-Based Lending Dangerous And Should I Consider It For My Next Real Estate Venture?

Oct 05, 2016


Are you looking for working capital to support the growth of your real estate company so that you can acquire more properties and make a profit? One of the top ways you can acquire the financing you need is to use asset based lending.


The Basics Of Real Estate Asset-Based Lending

This lending is based on assets that are used as collateral for a loan. The assets that lenders use to advance you the loan are not personal assets, but real estate assets. These include five family units and higher, retail properties, industrial properties, office buildings, non-owner occupied 1-4 family properties in a corporate or LLC name. To secure the loan, and remove any downsides, make sure that your financial information about the properties is both detailed and accurate. Having professionally prepared financial statements and photos will help asset based lenders determine the value of your property.


Why Should You Consider Asset-Based Lending For Your Real Estate Venture?

Asset-based loans are a much-needed source of capital if your real estate business is growing rapidly, or you are in the middle of a turnaround. Asset based hard money lenders give you cash to invest in your property immediately.


Real Estate Investments And Asset-Based Loans

In real estate investments, timing is everything. Asset-based hard money lenders enable you to make use of purchasing opportunities without touching your business capital. This means that you have improved financial control. This form of lending is reliable, as long as you have assets that can qualify. The process is also short and quick, allowing you to close deals quickly.


Ready To Learn About Riverdale Funding's Asset-Based Hard Money Loan Terms?

At Riverdale Funding, LLC, wecan tailor our funding services to suit your needs from any other borrower, which is why we treat your case as a unique one. We can alsofactor a commercial real estate asset based loan to fit your needs efficiently. Contact us at 888-368-4983 or contact us to take advantage of quick underwriting tools to get the hard money loan quickly for 2015.