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Hard Money Broker Partner With Lender

Oct 01, 2016


With the resurgent economy, many investment opportunities are starting to arise and savvy investors are looking to profit. Post-recession, traditional lenders have tightened regulations, making it harder for borrowers to get financing.

Traditional banks have enlisted tighter approval regulations such as credit checks, leading to a longer approval process. For many investment opportunities, there is only a short window of time for investors to act; time becomes one of the most valuable variables in closing a deal.

Commercial hard money lenders, such as Riverdale Funding, offer alternative lending solutions to this growing subset of investors; a process that offers quick financing turnaround and a more seamless approval. While credit score isn’t ignored, borrowers are not evaluated on this metric. All commercial hard money loans are based on hard assets, or real estate, and the loan terms tend to differ from traditional loans.

Riverdale Funding LLC includes terms for its borrowers that allow for:

  • Quick approval process
  • Loan values up to 65%
  • Finance ranging from $100,000 to $2,500,000

These terms are very attractive for investors, which makes it very favorable for hard money brokers to recommend Riverdale Funding’s hard money loans.


Brokers Working With Private Hard Money Lenders

Riverdale Funding LLC continues to welcome working partnerships with competent hard money brokers. With over 35 years’ experience in mortgage and real estate investment, we welcome hard money brokers to facilitate the borrowing process, utilizing our favorable loan terms. Our experts take extra care in evaluating the loan proposal, tailoring unique loan terms to suit your clients’ needs. As a private commercial hard money lender, we have the flexibility to accommodate various loan proposals; this allows us to offer the most attractive loans for your clientele. Additionally, our interest rates are very competitive and start at 11%.


Partnering With Riverdale Funding Hard Money Lenders

If you are a hard money broker looking to partner with a proven, trusted hard money lender then Riverdale Funding is ready to work with you.

To inquire about broker partnerships, give us a call today.