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Commercial Finance Association 72nd Annual Convention: Nov 9th - 11th 2016

Nov 11, 2016

  • Do you understand the fundamentals of "factoring"?
  • Do you know what to discuss with an Asset-Based Lender?
  • Can you perform a "borrowing base" calculation?
  • Could you provide "advanced collateral control" if someone asked you to?

No? Well, if you're interested in deepening your understanding of how commercial loans are structured then you should consider attending the Annual Commercial Finance Association Convention. This year marks the 72nd year of the CFA Convention which will be held November 9-11, 2016 at the historic Fontainebleu hotel in Miami Beach, FL. The CFA Annual Convention gathers a full spectrum of participants within the secured lending industry in one place. It is a premiere event in the commercial loan industry that provides attendees with the opportunity to network, further their education, and organize to advocate on behalf of the industry. 

The Commercial Finance Association is a primary trade group for professionals in the asset-based lending and factoring industry. The CFA has a five-point mission statement which includes: 

  1. Furthering discussion of opportunities within commercial lending
  2. Making available information regarding legislation affecting asset-based financial services
  3. Improving legal and operational procedures
  4. Issuing information to the general public explaining the significance of the industry
  5. Educating members in the development of sound financial services and encouraging them to participate in their communities


About the CFA

Founded in 1944, the CFA has 20 chapters located throughout North America and more than 300 member companies. More than 100 CFA local chapter meetings are held nationally and internationally. In addition, the CFA hosts additional conferences throughout the year including the Asset-Based Capital Conference, International Lending Conference, Factoring & Trade Finance World, and the Independent Finance & Factoring Roundtable. The CFA publishes The Secured Lender a monthly magazine focused on the asset-based commercial lending industry, as well as, a daily email news bulletin providing commercial finance news, deals, and personnel updates. A consistent presence for almost 30 years, The Secured Lender has over 6400 readers per issue. The CFA website is a rich resource of commercial asset-based lending service providers, membership listings, and borrowers seeking financing. 


Broaden Your Network

Bringing together all of the differing roles which participate in the asset-based financial services industry presents an incredible opportunity to connect and learn from people who make it all happen every day. With over a 1000 key decision-makers present in one space, there is enormous opportunity to broaden your network and deepen relationships with existing contacts. The various commercial finance company internal departments such as collateral monitoring, underwriting, valuation, account management, documentation, field examination and legal are all represented. Also in attendance, are representatives from the various corporate entities such as large national banks with asset-based lending departments, middle-market Asset Based Lenders (ABLs), syndicated ABLs, and private equity firms. You can see a break-down of conference attendees here. 


Attribution: Image is courtesy of the Commercial Finance Association. 

Another key value proposition of the Commercial Finance Association is the specialized educational opportunities. At this year's conference top leaders will share their insights in panels such as "Anatomy of a Cross-Border ABL Deal", "FinTech & Banks - Build or Buy?" and "View from the Top: The Regulatory Impact on Large ABL Lender Growth". Keynote speakers are pulled from today's headlines to provide you with timely, relevant insights. 

This year's keynotes include: 

  • Jeb Bush
  • Martin O'Malley
  • Tennis champion Venus Williams.

Company membership with the CFA offers employees numerous options for online and in-person professional educational workshops. Distance learning programs were recently implemented for asset-based lending operations and underwriting professionals. Subjects such statutory liens, syndicated ABL, bankruptcy, and workouts are covered in their educational programs. 

Industry advocacy is also a core function of the Commercial Finance Association. It actively seeks to promote asset-based lending and factoring around the world. Led by CFA's Co-General Counsel and Advocacy Committee, the Association maintains an active amicus brief program. The CFA Advocacy Committee develops the CFA's position in the structuring of bankruptcy procedures and other judicial initiatives. 


Learn More about Asset-Based Lending

If you're looking to learn more about the commercial lending industry then consider attending the Commercial Finance Association's 72nd Annual Conference in Miami Beach this year. It is worthwhile to fully explore the lending industry and its possible loan options if you are seeking funds for a commercial real estate project. To learn more about asset-based loans, you can contact Riverdale Funding, LLC. Riverdale Funding, LLC's products are especially useful to those who are unable to get funding through conventional lending source, have recently been turned down for a loan by their bank or do not have the time to go through a lengthy loan process.