Riverdale Funding is a direct commercial hard money lender that is able to provide alternative commercial financing to commercial real estate investors and commercial mortgage brokers throughout the State of Wyoming.

Our commercial hard money loans are an ideal solution for Wyoming commercial borrowers who may have time constraints in trying to purchase a commercial property.  Moreover, Riverdale Funding's Commercial bridge loans are a useful financing option to those borrowers who have circumstances that would prevent them from qualifying for conventional financing or to those who may have been turned down by a bank.

Whether the borrower needs funding quickly for a commercial refinance or property purchase in Wyoming or they do not qualify for financing through a conventional lender – Riverdale Funding can help.


Riverdale Funding Offers Fast Closing Asset-Based Commercial Loans

Riverdale Funding offers its commercial borrowers in Wyoming true asset-based lending programs for commercial real estate.  This means we lend primarily based on the value of the underlying commercial property offered as collateral.  We can provide funding to borrowers who have bad credit and/or no credit.  Furthermore, we do not require borrowers to provide financial statements.  As a direct private lender, we have our own source of funds and therefore, can make lending decisions quickly and offer fast closings.

Riverdale Commercial Bridge Money Loans are Short-Term and Interest Only

Bridge loans offer a borrower time to apply for permanent financing, stabilize their property, or improve their personal circumstances.

At Riverdale Funding, we can approve the type of Wyoming commercial loan deals that banks typically decline.  Low occupancy, vacant building – no problem.  Bad or no credit scores, past bankruptcy or foreclosures, the inability to show financials – not a problem.



Riverdale Funding provides loans on the following types of commercial real estate in Wyoming:

  • 1-4 single family investment properties (NOO) titled to an LLC or Corp
  • Multi-family/apartment buildings
  • Mixed use
  • Improved (not raw) land
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Other property types will be considered on a case-by-case basis
^ Riverdale Funding cannot provide loans on 1-4 Family Investment properties in the following states: Oregon, Minnesota, and Utah.


Our asset based lending programs in Wyoming are as follows:

  • Up to 65% LTV (loan to value)/ up to 50% for improved land
  • Loan amounts starting at $250K-$5M+ or more
  • Interest only
  • 1-3 year term



Commercial Real Estate Opportunities in Wyoming

With rapidly increasing activity in the oil and natural gas sector, as well as a growing retail economy and a growing population, commercial real estate sales across Wyoming have remained strong. Industrial warehouse space is the top performing sector in Wyoming, followed closely behind retail space.  Many new chain retailers have recently announced their openings throughout Wyoming.

Give Riverdale Funding a call to hear more about our alternative commercial lending programs or contact us today to submit your loan scenario.