For commercial real estate investors in Washington State there is a commercial loan financing alternative when conventional lenders cannot get you funded.  If you are in need of a commercial real estate loan for a time-sensitive purchase or refinance, contact Riverdale Funding LLC for expedited commercial mortgage financing.  Likewise, if a bank has recently declined your commercial loan request, Riverdale Funding can help you get funded.

Riverdale Funding is a private alternative hard money commercial lender.  We issue asset-based loans against commercial real estate in Washington.  This means that our decision to lend is based primarily on the value of the real estate being pledged as collateral.  Riverdale is a direct lender that makes loans using our own portfolio of funds.  We also do not have multiple stages of approvals or a loan committee that can take a lot of time to make a decision.


As An Asset-Based Lender Riverdale Accepts All Credit History

Furthermore, commercial real estate investors and mortgage brokers in Washington State should know that Riverdale Funding accepts all credit history.  Having a low credit score, history of late payments and past foreclosure or bankruptcy are not underwriting disqualifiers. In fact, we do not require our borrowers to provide financial statements. These factors, allow Riverdale Funding to completely streamline our loan process so we can make quick decisions and provide fast loan closings.

When credit or time is an issue, Riverdale Funding can ensure a fast closing with no hold-ups or roadblocks.

Contact Riverdale Funding now for a fast review of your loan scenario from one of our expert account executives. 888-368-4983

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Riverdale Funding offers asset-based loan programs on the following types of commercial real estate:

  • 1-4 Family Investment properties / Non-Owner Occupied (NOO)^
  • Multifamily (Apartment Building)
  • Office Building
  • Mixed-Use
  • Retail
  • Strip Center
  • Improved Land
  • Other property types will be considered on a case-by-case basis

^ Riverdale Funding cannot provide loans on 1-4 Family Investment properties in the following states: Oregon, Minnesota, and Utah.


We offer the following loan terms in Washington State:

  • Loan amounts from $250K-$5M+
  • 1-3 year terms/ interest-only
  • Up to 65% LTV
  • up to 50% on improved land


Types of commercial loans that Riverdale Funding finances:

  1. Refinance
  2. Cash-out
  3. Purchase
  4. Blanket



The Washington State Commercial Real Estate Market

Named after the first President of the United States, Washington State is the leading provider in the U.S. of lumber, apples, raspberries, and potatoes.  The economy is also supported by farming, commercial fishing fresh from the Pacific, aircraft and missile production, shipbuilding and other important lucrative manufacturing industries.  Washington is also known for the most dams (1,000) of any state, therefore also making this Pacific Northern state a provider of power, irrigation, and water storage.

Washington is also known for the gloomy weather prevalent in its western region.  But the real estate conditions throughout the state are far from gloomy.  Real estate investors consider Washington’s commercial real estate market to be its best-kept secret because it just keeps getting hotter. Washington State has a wide variety of urban centers, suburban regions and agricultural farmland primed for commercial real estate investing. As of mid-2016, the Washington State commercial real estate market ranked ABOVE San Francisco and certain locations in NY, awarding itself the title of “Third Best Place to Invest” by Biz Journals.


More Opportunity within Washington State’s Commercial Real Estate Market

Despite the state’s over-active rainfall, Washington State provides commercial real estate owners and would-be investors with the opportunity to solidify and grow their investment portfolio.

For more information about Riverdale Funding and/or to submit your loan application please contact us at 888-368-4983 or submit your loan application online.