Riverdale Funding, LLC is a direct provider of hard money commercial loans to commercial real estate investors, mortgage brokers, and business owners in the State of Utah.  We specialize in providing financing to Utah CRE borrowers who have time-sensitive situations like a commercial real estate purchase or cash out refinance, which need fast closings, and to those borrowers who do not qualify for a commercial loan from a conventional lender. 



Riverdale Funding offers multiple commercial loan types throughout Utah:

  • Refinance/Cash-out
  • Purchase
  • Bridge Loans


There are many reasons to use Riverdale Funding as your hard money lender:

  • No financials: our programs are equity based
  • Fast approvals
  • Easy processing with minimal paperwork
  • Quick closings


Riverdale Funding’s asset based lending programs for real estate offer borrowers the options for funding without showing financials or using a credit score. Riverdale Funding’s asset-based lending programs offer financing alternatives for borrowers who don’t qualify for conventional financing. Since Riverdale Funding is a direct hard money lender, we are in control of all funds, which is how we make quick decisions and are able to use in-house common sense underwriting methods.
A commercial hard money loan is a specific type of asset asset-based that is typically funded by private investors as opposed to banks or credit unions. The term lengths vary by lender, but are typically 12 months to three years. A hard money commercial loan from Riverdale Funding requires monthly payments of interest only. Rather than credit or financials, hard money lenders are primarily concerned with the property’s value.



Riverdale Funding provides loans on the following types of commercial properties:

  1. Multi-family/ apartment complexes
  2. Retail/ strip center
  3. Office
  4. Mixed-use
  5. Improved land
  6. Other properties considered on a case-by-case basis


We offer the following commercial loan terms throughout the State of Utah:

  • Loans starting at $250K-$5M+ or more on a case-by-case basis
  • ALL credit score accepted
  • NO financials
  • In-house common sense underwriting
  • Up to 65% max loan-to-value (LTV)
  • Up to 50% LTV improved land
  • 1-3 year terms/ interest-only
  • Competitive interest rates


You can submit your loan application on our website or call now to speak with a Riverdale Funding account executive.                                                

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The Utah Commercial Real Estate Market

The state of Utah is an important center for transportation, education, information technology, research, government service, mining and even outdoor tourist recreation. Utah is predicted to have the fastest growing population of any U.S. state. According to a national survey, Utah was even ranked overall “best state to live in” based on measurements like economy, lifestyle, and health. Tourism is a major industry in the state of Utah since the 2002 Winter Olympics. Two major highways, I-15 and I-80, intersect in downtown Salt Lake City making transportation and travel accessible to and from Utah. Salt Lake City, Utah’s capital city and the most populated, is home to 1,153,340-plus people.
The commercial real estate market in Utah continues to gain strength. The commercial real estate investment sector is on par to have another record breaking year. Investment sales could top $2 billion for the first time ever.


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