Riverdale Funding, a leading private hard money commercial mortgage lender in the Midwest, proudly provides Nebraska mortgage brokers, borrowers, and investors alternative commercial real estate financing on the following types of commercial property:


  1. 1-4 SF investment properties/Non-owner occupied
  2. Retail/ strip centers
  3. Multi-family/ apartment complexes
  4. Office buildings
  5. Mixed-use
  6. Improved land
  7. Other property types will be considered***


Riverdale Funding’s commercial real estate loan programs are asset-based, which means we do not require borrowers to provide financial statements or have a minimum credit score.  Instead, our loans are primarily determined by the value of the commercial asset being used as collateral. This allows Riverdale Funding to offer a streamlined loan process, including quick approvals, minimal paperwork, and fast closings.  Our programs provide a solid means for Nebraska property owners and investors to achieve the commercial financing they need when they fall outside a conventional lender’s loan parameters.  When other commercial lenders cannot get you financed, Riverdale Funding can.

We offer commercial real estate loans in Nebraska starting at $250,000 up to $5mm (higher amounts will be considered on a case-by-case basis). Nebraska property owners can secure financing on their commercial real estate at up to 65% LTV (loan to value) of their property value.

Our commercial mortgage terms range from 1-3 years, with interest-only monthly payments. We believe in common-sense underwriting practices, so our loans can be tailored according to each borrower's specific real estate needs.

To apply, simply fill out our short online application and include interior and exterior property photos.

You may also call and speak directly to a Riverdale Funding account executive regarding your commercial loan scenario to determine if you qualify for one of our Nebraska commercial real estate funding programs.


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The Nebraska Commercial Real Estate Market

Nebraska’s commercial real estate market, particularly Omaha, has continued to experience a steady growth over the past 5+ years.  Investment property sales have continued to soar and commercial real estate investors continue to be pleased with the ROI the CRE investment market of Nebraska offers.  

Specifically, the multi-family market sector continues to be a top performer. Some Nebraska markets have even been referred by investment analyst as “sizzling”.  Due to demand, 2015 saw the largest number of construction projects in the multi-family markets in Nebraska. Consequently, real estate professional saw billions pour into the market from investment sales.

Riverdale Funding offers commercial real estate purchase and refinance loan options in Nebraska.  We specialize in providing fast loan closings on time-sensitive commercial real estate purchases and providing financing to borrowers who have been turned down by other lenders.

For more information on Riverdale Funding, read our About Us page or download our free EBook on commercial real estate funding.


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