Riverdale Funding is a commercial hard money lender that specializes in providing commercial real estate loans on various commercial property types and single family (NOO) non-owner occupied investment properties in the State of Rhode Island.

Our commercial bridge loans offer Rhode Island mortgage brokers and their borrowers the needed source of financing for time-sensitive real estate commercial purchases.  Rhode Island brokers also have the opportunity to provide dependable refinance options to those commercial borrowers who may not able to qualify for conventional commercial financing.

Conventional lenders, like banks, typically require extensive documentation to be provided, a lengthy loan process, and they maintain strict lending requirements that many good borrowers, unfortunately, do not meet.  On the other hand, Riverdale Funding is an alternative bridge lender that provides funding for commercial property refinancing or commercial property purchases throughout Rhode Island.


Riverdale Funding’s Asset-Based Loan Process Benefits the Commercial Borrower

As an asset-based lender, our decision to lend is primarily based on the value of the commercial real estate. Therefore, Riverdale does not require (the borrower’s) financials, accepts all credit, and offers a quick and efficient loan process.  Stated simply, we do not believe a borrower’s past financial shortcomings should prevent them from receiving commercial financing.  From the preliminary loan evaluation all the way to loan closing, we pride ourselves in being able to close our borrowers’ loan fast.

Our commercial loan amounts start at $250,000 and range up to $5M, but higher amounts will be considered on a case-by-case basis. For each loan, our max Loan-to-Value is set at 65% and 50% for improved land deals.


We Secure on the Following Types of Commercial Properties in Rhode Island:

  • multi-family or apartment buildings
  • office
  • retail
  • mixed-use
  • special-use
  • 1-4 family investment homes (NOO & titled to an LLC or corporation)
  • improved land (ready to build)
  • other property types will be considered on a case-by-case basis


Call us at 888-368-4983 or simply apply on our website by submitting an easy to complete application and property photos.


The Rhode Island Commercial Real Estate Market

Rhode Island has experienced a consecutive 12-month growth period over the last year.  The Rhode Island economy is the strongest it has been since the recession and it has shown no signs of slowing down. Thanks to this fact and this New England state’s vibrant and diverse economy, the “Ocean State” continues attracting global and domestic commercial real estate investors.  All sectors of RI’s commercial real estate market show strong performance, especially the office market.  Vacancy rates are low causing inventory to be low, therefore enabling rents for Class B office buildings to be as high as Class A.


Looking for Reliable, Quick Closing Commercial Loans in Rhode Island?

Commercial real estate repeatedly proves to be worthwhile for investment reasons throughout Rhode Island.  If you are a commercial real estate investor in Rhode Island who is seeking a fast loan closing for a time-sensitive property purchase or if you are in need of alternative financing, allow Riverdale Funding, the premiere hard money lender in Rhode Island, to assist you with one of our commercial asset-based lending programs for real estate.