When seeking commercial financing for a time-sensitive and hard-to-fund commercial real estate property in the Keystone State of Pennsylvania, allow Riverdale Funding, LLC, the premier hard money commercial mortgage lender, to assist you.

Conventional lenders in Pennsylvania are not willing to provide financing to a wide array of borrowers and loan scenarios that do not fit neatly into their lending parameters.  These types of loans are deemed “too risky” by those banks; this is where Riverdale Funding steps in.


Riverdale Offers Privately Funded Commercial Loans

Riverdale Funding, LLC is a true asset-based lender that specializes in providing alternative financing options throughout the State of Pennsylvania for commercial real estate that is based primarily on the value of the property offered as collateral.  We accept all credit histories and do not require borrowers to provide financial documents.  Our streamlined in-house underwriting creates a fast and efficient commercial loan process that is welcomed by mortgage brokers and borrowers alike.

Regardless if the subject property is a vacant office building in Philadelphia, PA, a multi-family property in Pittsburgh that needs to be stabilized, or retail space in Allentown, PA – Riverdale Funding, LLC can be a source of commercial bridge financing.



Riverdale Funding, LLC offers the following refinance terms:

  • $250K-$5M+ or higher

  • Up to 65% LTV

  • up to 50% on improved land

  • 1 year/ interest-only terms


For your convenience, we offer a variety of commercial loan types:

  • Refinance

  • Purchase

  • Cash-out

  • Bridge Loan


We lend on the following types of commercial properties:

  • 1-4 family investments (non-owner occupied)

  • Mixed-use

  • Apartment buildings

  • Office

  • Retail

  • Improved land

  • Other properties will be considered on a case-by-case basis


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You can submit your loan application online on our website, or give us a call.




The Pennsylvania Commercial Real Estate Market

The State of Pennsylvania played a critical role in the founding of our country. This northern state was one of the 13 original U.S. colonies and the location where the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were drafted. Therefore, Pennsylvania is no stranger to business or enterprise.

The capital of Pennsylvania and its largest city, Philadelphia, is home to a population of over 1.5 million people. Whether you direct a large professional services firm, operate a small retail shop or are seeking commercial real estate to house a new business; Philadelphia is a competitive and attractive place.  The demand for multi-tenant residential living has recently spiked, resulting in an increase of over 25% in the price of multifamily housing.  In the next three years, many new units are scheduled for construction, accelerating the performance of the rental market which has already seen the addition of 4,047 new units.

Riverdale Funding Provides Commercial Financing in the Keystone State of Pennsylvania.

Whether you are sourcing funding for a commercial real estate purchase or refinancing in Pennsylvania, Riverdale Funding LLC is able to provide the needed financing when conventional lenders cannot.

Contact us now to let Riverdale help you with your upcoming or current commercial real estate project in Pennsylvania.