As a top choice private money commercial mortgage lender for commercial real estate investors and mortgage brokers in Ohio, Riverdale Funding prides ourselves in providing dependable commercial real estate hard money loans.  

At Riverdale, our decision to approve a commercial loan is not based on a borrower’s credit score, financial statements, or income verification.  In fact, we accept all credit scores and we do not require any financial statements to be provided by our borrowers.  As an asset-based lender, we are focused primarily on the value of the commercial real estate offered as security.

Also, we are proud to be known providing our Ohio clients with quality customer service, a simple application process, and quick closings.  Whereas conventional lenders can take weeks or months to fund, Riverdale Funding can close a loan in days. As a direct commercial mortgage lender, we have complete control of our funds. This enables us to tailor our loan programs to fit your specific needs.

If you’re a business owner or investor looking to purchase commercial real estate in Columbus, Cincinnati, or Cleveland, trust Riverdale Funding for all your commercial real estate financing needs in Ohio.


We offer a variety of commercial real estate loan types in Ohio:

  • Refinances
  • Purchases
  • Blanket loans

We offer the following private money loan terms in Ohio:

  • Loan amounts from $250K-$5MM+
  • 1-3 year terms/interest only
  • Up to 65% LTV





The Ohio Commercial Real Estate Market

Ohio, also known as The Buckeye State, is home to almost 11.7 million people, which making it the 7th most populous state and 10th most densely populated in America. Ohio also claims the 10th largest highway network in the United States. This makes the state a major intersection for business, traffic, and cargo. Some even refer to Ohio as America’s “heartland”.

In regards real estate in Ohio, in 2015 four of Ohio’s larger metropolitan cities made it onto Forbes list of 20 “Most Affordable Cities” in the United States.

  • #5 – Cincinnati, Ohio
  • #8 – Dayton, Ohio
  • #10 – Columbus, Ohio
  • #15 – Akron, Ohio

Moreover, according to the Dayton Daily News, Ohio ranks as a top state in commercial real estate development as the state ranked #9 in office development construction in Ohio, spent $696 million and supported 11,497 jobs in warehouse development, and sent $1.4 billion in retail development.

If you and or your client is in need of a commercial property refinance or commercial property purchase in Ohio, Riverdale Funding is the best source for hard money lending. Whether you’re interested in single-family investing for cash flow, refinancing your multi-level office building or purchasing a retail space in a prime downtown location, Riverdale Funding can help with all your commercial real estate financing needs in Ohio, when conventional lenders cannot.

Call Riverdale Funding today to find out if your commercial property qualifies for one of our asset-based loan programs for alternative commercial real estate financing.

You can also submit your loan application online and one of our expert Account Executives will contact you shortly.