Riverdale Funding is a top choice commercial hard money mortgage lender for mortgage brokers and commercial real estate investors who are looking to get alternative commercial real estate financing in the State of Kentucky.

We offer asset-based lending programs for real estate, meaning our loan terms and loan amount are determined primarily by the value of the property.  As a true asset-based lender, Riverdale Funding does not require financials and we accept all credit scores.



We offer the followings types of commercial loans in Kentucky:


  • Refinance and cash-out refinance loans
  • Purchase loans
  • Bridge loans


Riverdale Funding understands the importance of deadlines and we can help investors reach their time-sensitive real estate goals. Our commercial mortgage loans are set-up to get you from "call to closing" quickly.


We offer the following commercial mortgage loan terms in Kentucky:


  • Loan amounts starting at $250K-$5MM+ or higher
  • 1-3 year loan terms / interest only
  • Up to 65% LTV / Up to 50% for improved land
  • Competitive interest rates

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The Kentucky Commercial Real Estate Market


Kentucky in not wholly dependent on farmland and the agricultural business. The state of Kentucky is also home to six Fortune 500 Companies.

  1. Humana Inc.
  2. Yum Brands Inc.
  3. Lexmark International Inc.
  4. Omnicare Inc.
  5. Kindred Healthcare, Inc.
  6. Ashland Inc.


Unemployment in Kentucky is down and the CRE market is performing at an all-time high.  Real estate professionals agree this stretch of positive commercial activity will likely continue for some time.  The good news for commercial real estate investors is that big time companies are fueling the fire behind Kentucky’s strong commercial real estate market by investing millions into their facilities.  This will ultimately create more jobs and demand for new commercial development. The multi-family/apartment sector is also booming. Plans are in the works to add about 2,000 more apartment units throughout the State's larger metropolitan areas.  Kentucky is also looking to tourism and the industrial real estate sector to increase revenue throughout the State. 


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