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Bad credit, financial history not so smooth? Our commercial real estate loans are asset-based, so we are able to overlook low credit scores, lack of financial documentation, and still close quickly.  Riverdale Funding takes a non-conventional route when it comes to originating loans for commercial property in Indiana.


Our commercial private money loan terms in Indiana:

  • Up to 65% LTV/ up to 50% LTV for land
  • 1-3 year long terms/ interest only
  • Loan amounts starting at $250K-$5MM+ (or more)



The Indiana Commercial Real Estate Market

While the state of Indiana might be recognized mainly for agriculture, Indianapolis, the state’s capital, still offers a taste of big city life complete with Class A commercial real estate, multi-tenant 40+ floor office buildings, and a picturesque skyline.  In fact, three Fortune 500 companies call Indianapolis their home: Anthem Inc., Eli Lilly and Company and Calumet Specialty Products.

Indianapolis, Indiana is referred to as the “Crossroads of America”, due to the fact more major interstate highways converge here than anywhere else in the U.S.  This makes Indiana a key location that investors and entrepreneurs flock to when looking to purchase commercial real estate for business and investment purposes.

  • Indianapolis ranked #1 Place to Do Business

  • Ranked #6 Place to Do Business-nationwide

  • Best Business Tax in the Midwest

  • Indianapolis repeatedly ranks high on “Most Affordable Cities”


According to multiple real estate surveys, quarter after quarter Indiana continues to be a popular “hub” for business relocation and start-ups because of its strong industrial backbone and opportune location for shipping product nationwide.  Due to business growth in the Indianapolis area, property occupancy rates are up and demand for industrial commercial real estate is emergent. Job growth and population go hand in hand.  As these two factors increase in the state of Indiana, there will concurrently be an increased need for new housing and multi-family apartments development.

Moreover, for those considering purchasing an investment property in Indiana, it would be good to know that the Indiana real estate market has stayed fairly consistent, regardless of economic changes.  It saw one of the smallest declines (7%), compared to other markets that fell 50% during the recession a few years back.  In fact, Indianapolis, IN. made it on two Forbes Top 10 lists for “Top 10 Bang for Your Buck” AND “Top 10 Best Places for Business and Careers”.

In 2015, Indianapolis, the largest city in Indiana, saw an 11% increase in rental rates (and rising), which was music to the ears of real estate investors who purchased commercial real estate in Indiana wanting cash flow.  Single family investment properties are also popular types of real estate for investment purposes.  Unlike most suburban areas, in Indianapolis, the number of houses for rent far outweighs the number of homes available to buy.  Money Magazine and Inman News rated Indianapolis #1 for cities to invest in rental homes.  Low property taxes and a stable market make investing in real estate here a great option!


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