Getting hard money commercial real estate financing in the State of Arkansas has never been easier than with Riverdale Funding LLC.  At Riverdale we specialize in providing financing to Arkansas commercial real estate investors and mortgage brokers who have a time-sensitive commercial loan purchase, refinance or unique circumstances that prevents them from obtaining traditional financing.

If you need to close your commercial loan quickly or if you have been denied for a loan by a traditional lender or other private mortgage lenders, contact Riverdale Funding today.



Commercial Bridge Loans from Riverdale Funding

Riverdale Funding is a commercial bridge loan lender that primarily bases our decision to lend on the value of the commercial property being used as security.  A borrower’s credit score or inability to show financials are not factors that would prevent Riverdale from providing a loan for a commercial property in Arkansas.

Riverdale Funding is also a direct commercial hard money lender, which means we have complete and direct control over our funds and practice common sense underwriting. Therefore, all loans are able to be tailored to meet the specific needs of each of our borrowers and their real estate financing needs in Arkansas.


We offer asset based lending programs on the following types of commercial properties in Arkansas:

  • Office Retail
  • Multi-family or apartment complexes
  • 1-4 family homes (NOO) Non-owner occupied or titled to an LLC or corporation**
  • Mixed-use
  • Improved land (other properties considered on a case-by-case basis)

** Riverdale Funding cannot provide loans on 1-4 Family Investment properties in the following states: Oregon, Minnesota, and Utah.


We offer the following commercial loan terms:

  • Loan amounts starting at $250,000 - $5M+ or higher
  • 1-3 loan terms/ interest-only
  • Up to 65% LTV
  • 50% LTV on improved land


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The Arkansas Commercial Real Estate Market

Multi-family commercial real estate investment opportunities are growing substantially in Little Rock, by way of loft apartments, especially in the River Market District. Arkansas’ top performing CRE sector is the industrial manufacturing market.  More than 85,000 Arkansas residents are employed at either distribution centers or segments of manufacturing companies.  Arkansas is home to some of the most trusted shipping companies in the U.S.

A relatively new, successful sector of manufacturing has recently developed in Arkansas. Currently taking the #1 spot is aerospace exports.  This includes aircraft and aircraft related parts and services, rockets, and defense systems.  This new industry has added $1.8 billion to Arkansas’ economy and created 10,000 jobs.


Offering Reliable, Fast Commercial Loans in Arkansas

Whether you own property or are interested in purchasing commercial real estate for investment purposes, Riverdale Funding has you covered. We offer reliable, quick financial solutions for refinances and purchase loans that cover all your real estate funding needs.

Apply now on our website or give us a call to get a free property evaluation by phone.