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Quarter 2 - CRE Market Report 2017

CRE Q2 Market Report: Is Commercial Real Estate at It’s Peak in 2017?
Is commercial real estate at its peak in 2017? In our Q2-2017 analysis of the CRE market, we’ve combined key economic indicators with market trends to offer a comprehensive answer to this question. The impacts of the current real estate cycle on commercial real estate lending are crucial for brokers and real estate investors alike. Download for an in-depth exploration of market sectors and real estate at large.
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Q1-2017 - Commercial Real Estate Market Review & Outlook
Commercial Real Estate Market Review & Outlook
Large shifts in technology and demographics have driven the real estate industry so far in 2017. Global uncertainties ranging from the economic to the political have all played their role on the commercial real estate market. From property outlooks to interest rates and tax reform, we've analyzed the most important updates in Q1 -- and collected them for you all in one place.

Loans Closed

image descriptionNEW ORLEANS, LA Loan Amount: $450,000.00
image descriptionTHE VILLAGES, FL Loan Amount: $1,575,000.00
image descriptionBROOKLYN, NY Loan Amount: $6,000,000.00
image descriptionCOLUMBIA, SC Loan Amount: $635,000.00